Lucia Mendez spoke of her romance with Luis Miguel: "From the most handsome I went to the ugliest"

Lucia Mendez spoke of her romance with Luis Miguel: "From the most handsome I went to the ugliest"

During an interview for Yordi Rosado's YouTube channel, Lucia Mendez revealed details about her affair with Luis Miguel, making it clear that she was the one who "ended it".

Lucia Mendez had the courage to reveal some details of her love affair with Luis Miguel, during the interview she had with Yordi Rosado for his YouTube channel.

However, the singer said that even though 'El Sol' was very nice to her and even a very good kisser, she confessed that she never really allowed herself to feel much for him, so she was the one who ended the affair.

"I did not fall so much in love with him because I always considered it was not right, always had as that trial to say no, that's not right, I can not fall in love, I should not walk with Luismi, and that's what got me through, I met Pedro and left Micky, and from the most handsome I passed to a person who was ugly, but when I saw that it was more or less my generation, when I saw his talent, his way of being, his maturity, his sympathy, because logically I left Luis Miguel," said the also actress.

When asked if she ended that relationship, 'La Mendez' explained: "Yes, yes I ended it, because when I was 28 years old he told me everything, when I was divorcing Pedro he quoted me and told me everything. I think I definitely disappointed him".

On the other hand, Lucia took advantage of the talk with Rosado to deny the rumors that linked her sentimentally with the footballer Diego Armando 'Maradona', because, although she felt attracted by him, it was precisely her relationship with the singer what prevented her from going beyond a "flirtation" with the Argentinean.

"No, we didn't get anywhere, but he was very flirtatious, at 26 years old he was very handsome, he was 26, I was 30 (...) Maradona was very nice, very flirtatious, I was also half flirtatious, but I was dating Luis Miguel, so I said no, I'm going to get a big fight, because even though he was very young, he had his character, so I said 'no, better not', there was chemistry, there was a wow, like yes, but there were too many people, I was nervous about that being known, so we really didn't have anything," she detailed.

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