Malcolm & Marie: Zendaya's romantic and secret movie has already come out. Find out everything here!

Malcolm & Marie: Zendaya's romantic and secret movie has already come out. Find out everything here!

As we await the second part of the 'Euphoria' specials (on January 25), Netflix has released the trailer and the release date of the new Sam Levinson with Zendaya as the protagonist. Of course, this time it is a movie that we can see from next February 5: 'Malcolm & Marie'.

Shot in two weeks last June under strict COVID security measures and, from what we see, only two characters in front of the camera, 'Malcolm & Marie' introduces us to a couple formed by Malcolm, a film director played by John David Washington ('Tenet') and Marie (Zendaya).

What is 'Malcolm & Marie' about?

Malcolm and Marie explore the story of a couple and how they talk about their past relationships and the different ways in which they (and their respective pasts) affect their conflicts in the present.

The action begins when they return home from the premiere of what he hopes will be a huge and imminent financial and critical success. It won't take long for the couple to start talking and opening up about their relationship, revealing revelations that will test the strength of their love.

The director of the film is Sam Levinson, who is the creator, writer, and director of 'Euphoria' series also starring Zendaya and according to what was previously revealed, Levinson wrote the proposal for Malcolm & Marie in six days and the filming of the movie took less than a month.

Marcell Rev works as a cinematographer and the truth is that the trailer gives off a beautiful image. For the rest, Levinson as a screenwriter, director, and producer has brought together a part of his usual team to create a film that aims to be an ode to the great Hollywood romances and an optimistic vision for the future of a medium in full crisis. What comes up.

Even without having been released, everything points to Malcolm & Marie being one of the favorite films to win the Oscar this year, and why not? Yes, its protagonist Zendaya became the youngest actress to win an Emmy for her performance in Euphoria.

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