Maluma clarified that he is in good health, after posting a medical procedure

Maluma clarified that he is in good health, after posting a medical procedure

Faced with messages of concern from his followers, the Colombian had to clarify that they were only blood samples and that he is in good health.

In his most recent Instagram stories, Maluma left his more than 56 million followers worried after posting a short video in which they get to see some needles and other material for what would be a blood test.

However, the artist at the time only added a comment in which he said "what a way to start the day", to which he added a sad and crying face. This worried his followers who, apparently, began to send him many messages asking if he was okay.

The concern of the fans of 'Papi Juancho' was such that, after the exams, the Colombian artist appeared again in their stories clarifying that he was well.

"I was taking some blood samples for some tests, but everything was fine," said the singer of 'Hawaii', a song that has occupied the first places in the most important international music lists. He gave the message right after greeting his followers and asking them to "not be distressed".

Although the singer did not clarify what the tests were for, he 'calmed the waters' giving a positive message to his fans and showing them how he started the day with good energy, thanks to a good Colombian coffee.

Minutes later, Maluma posted two images on his profile and asked his fans to choose which one they liked best. In both images the artist is in an elevator and wearing pink sportswear, but in the first photo Maluma is only smiling, while in the second she makes a funny face in front of the mirror.

The post, which has already surpassed the 1.5 million likes, generated debate among his followers, who say that in both he looks good, but are more inclined to the second. The artist's close friends commented in the photo mocking the second photo and saying that "in that one you see better".

The same reaction was had by the Mexican artist Thalía, who commented on the photos of the singer assuring that she preferred the photo of the 'grimace'. However, several of his followers commented that "you look just as beautiful in both of them," although the comments highlight that the funny photo shows more of the relaxed attitude of the singer of the urban genre.

On August 21 of this year, Juan Luis Londoño 'Maluma' released his fifth studio album, 'Papi Juancho'. Quickly began to highlight several songs like 'Parce', 'La Luz', 'Cielo a un diablo', and the so commented 'Hawaii', however, 'Medallo City' is the track responsible for opening the album of 22 songs.

This topic is news, again, for these days, due to his message of protest with regard to the image that people have of Medellín in the exterior. Although the city's past is dark and cruel, and is seen under the shadow of violence and drug trafficking, Maluma raises his voice to say that Medellin is more than that, 'Medallo is not Pablo Escobar'.

With a video clip of almost five minutes, and a rhythm between reggaeton and salsa, the singer manages to condense what, for him, means Medellín, or 'Medallo', as the city is popularly known.

Alejandro Peña

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