Maluma criticized for appearing on video with a traffic officer without a mask

Maluma criticized for appearing on video with a traffic officer without a mask

Social censorship was for both the artist and the uniformed, since, according to social media users, both should set an example of compliance with biosecurity standards.

Recently, Maluma announced his return to Medellín in style, as he arrived with a luxury Ferrari car in the capital of Antioquia. The luxury Italian car in particular has been valued at least a million dollars, according to Noticias Uno.

But the price and the benefits are not the only thing that calls the attention of the sports car used by Maluma to announce its presence in Medellin. So does the car's black color, and for several reasons. First of all, it is not the first time that the artist poses with a 488 GTB. He had already done so in the past, but with one in bright red, so it is doubtful if one was borrowed, bought a new one in matte black, or simply decided to change the color.

It was almost impossible that no one recognized the 'paisa' in the streets of Medellin, less if it was in his new car. It is clear that any of his fans when seeing him around the city would approach him to ask for a picture, especially in his hometown where he is more than loved.

That was the case of a traffic officer who, upon seeing the artist, did not hesitate to approach him and record a video. According to what is seen in the video, which recorded the uniform and published an Instagram account of a regional station, the artist crossed right through the checkpoint where she was and stopped him.

Maluma obeyed and stopped, maybe she was going to get a fine, but the surprise was when the uniformed woman took out her cell phone and started recording. "I'm at the checkpoint and you see the cake I found," the traffic officer begins to count as she focuses on Maluma.

The uniformed officer asks Juan Luis, and he doesn't refuse, obviously, he remembers that she is the authority, then the policeman makes a joke, "I'm already broken", the uniformed officer laughs and the video ends, which doesn't last more than 10 seconds and left many in doubt as to whether there was a fine or not.

However, the fine -if any- would not be the biggest problem of 'Papi Juancho' with this video. As it was replicated by an Instagram account of a regional media and seen by thousands of users, among the congratulations to the uniformed for meeting the artist in person are comments with criticism.

The call of attention on social media is for both of them, because, although the video is short, in those less than 10 seconds you can't see that either of them has a mask, nor is there any evidence that they had it on before recording the video. More indignation is generated when they see the traffic officer approaching to ask for a "kiss", and some also assure in the comments of the publication that "for a kiss from Maluma anyone forgets that there is a pandemic."

"Pair of characters: One is an artist and the other a public servant, both without mask," what an example, "And the mask?," are some of the comments that are read in the publication of the station. However, several people said that if they had been there they would have done the same thing and that if they were transit agents, they would surely also be happy to find Maluma or J Balvin in a similar situation.

Others defend the artist and assure that "Maluma was between a rock and a hard place", because an artist must please his followers and it has always been a matter of controversy when celebrities reject the affectionate displays of their fans or refuse to give them a photo or autograph, from there Maluma was already at a disadvantage. But, in addition, the fan in this case was not just anyone, it was a traffic officer who made his vehicle stop, refusing the video and the "little kiss" would have also resulted in criticism for 'Juancho'.

However, what stands out the most is the position of both, as an artist and as an official they should set an example in the face of a pandemic, especially when it is the authorities who promote the proper use of the mask to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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