Maluma may have confirmed he's going to be a dad with this photo, find out all about it!

Maluma uploaded a photo to Instagram where he seems to reveal that he's going to be a dad, although others think it's just publicity... Check out the photos and tell us, what do you think?

Maluma has given a clue on Instagram that has everyone crazy, and is that the singer originally from Medellin, Colombia, has posted a photo that has almost two million likes, but it is not a portrait or a selfie as usual the artist: it is a photo where he is hugging a woman, and in the belly has written "#7DJ".

With this image and that subtle message, everyone is wondering.... Is Maluma going to be... daddy? The singer sparks rumors on Instagram.

Of course, the photo not only has an impressive amount of likes, but also thousands and thousands of comments, most of them wishing him congratulations. Others are just waiting to see what the reason behind the photo is, as they doubt that Maluma is starting a family, let alone announcing it this way.

What does #7DJ" mean?

Many believe it could be June 7, while others believe it could even be the name of a song. Let's not forget that many artists refer to their albums as "their babies" (for example, Lady Gaga expressed herself in the same way for her most recent album 'Chromatica'). But, will Maluma be applying the same strategy to launch new musical material? Who is he hugging in the photo? We need answers!

His private plane: "It's a stress"

Almost a year and a half ago, Maluma acquired a plane and posted a video in which he cried at the moment he received the aircraft. This earned him some criticism from those who treated him as stubborn and bragging about his acquisitions.

Now, the Colombian has confessed that having the plane generates some extra worries. In an interview with Nicky Jam on 'The Rockstar Show', the Puerto Rican artist's program, Maluma talked about the subject. "When I bought the plane, I told a friend 'post this experience because I want to show the whole world my excitement, because I fucked with 'cojones' to be able to have it'," he explained.

"I want to inspire people, and to those who said: 'so dumbass, he's crying because he bought a plane', I say 'sure, and I'm going to keep crying a thousand times, and if I buy another one I'll do it again'," the singer added.

"Having an airplane is a stress, the cost, what you have to pay, all that, it's not just buying it and flying," he pointed out, noting that maintenance is what costs the most. "I don't regret having my airplane, but something is always wrong with it, the nut, the bolt. But it's all worth it and that's why I've worked to have my things," he concluded.

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