Maluma remembers his kiss with Madonna and confesses his relationship with her

The Colombian does not forget when the 'material girl' sucked his toe, as it became one of the most "strange" moments in pop history.

Maluma was the guest of honor at The Rock Star Show, Nicky Jam's podcast, the artists were able to talk about Maluma's beginnings, his secrets, his songs and know a little more about the personality of the interpreter from 'Hawaii'.

Maluma remembers his kiss with Madonna

Maluma's life is a box full of surprises, at 27 years old, the singer can star in hundreds of headlines with memories of his musical career, one of them, and one of the most shocking, is that Maluma must be one of the few people -if not the only one- who can say that the great Madonna sucked his toe.

Yes, yes, real as life itself, it was during the recording of 'Medellín', the song in which both artists collaborated. In a video clip brimming with sexuality, Madonna appears lying on the bed next to Maluma drinking Champagne and playing seduction and provocation. That's when the stellar moment arrives, when the 'material girl' gets in front of the camera and starts sucking one of the Colombian's toes.

Maluma remembers his kiss with Madonna

The kiss between Maluma and Madonna

Nicky Jam was quick to ask Maluma if he had kissed Madonna on the lips during the recording of 'Medellin', to which the Colombian has not been slow to boast: "Papi obviously" and Nicky Jam joked: "But did her mouth smell good?".

There, Maluma, with a mischievous smile, recalled: "Don't forget that she sucked my big toe". And that's when the Colombian almost fell off his chair laughing when he heard Nicky Jam say: "I have a yellow fingernail. She does that to me and she gets tetanus in her mouth. If Madonna sucks my foot, Madonna expires right there," confessed the artist.

Maluma remembers his kiss with Madonna

In addition, Nicky Jam continued: "She likes babies, young, fresh", and suggested the artist to frame that toe. And although the 'Felices los cuatro' singer assures that it was a dream to record with Madonna, the best of all is the beautiful friendship they still maintain. "We have a good relationship. I can call her and ask her about anything in my life and she will answer me with all the love in the world," confirmed Maluma.

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