Maluma's big news on his birthday: "Do you want to know if I'm going to be a daddy?"

Colombian Maluma's birthday was a super event even with live broadcast. The 'pretty boy' who has all his fans used to good news, surprised them again with an unexpected announcement.

The 'pretty-face' as he has called himself, live streamed on his official Instagram account, the entire celebration of his 27th birthday.

Maluma's big news on his birthday

"I'm fulfilling years and dreams" said the interpreter of 'Borro Casette', who in the middle of the feast amazed his fans with the following question: "Do you want to know if I'm going to be a daddy or not?", and then asked if there was someone who could take care of the baby when he goes on tour around the world.

The artist answered that yes he is "going to be a daddy" and that his Maluma baby is actually his new album titled '7 días en Jamaica'.

Before giving the answer, there were already millions of reactions of shock, horror, excitement, surprise and even tears... But then calm reigned when he explained that it was his new musical work.

About the album he said that it was composed of 7 songs and 7 audiovisual production videos. The artist promised that his new "baby" is a very complete material and he hopes that it will be received with much affection from his fans.

The messages of congratulations for his birthday and for his new "baby", exceeded 10 thousand comments at the bottom of his celebratory photos on Instagram. It should be noted that Maluma is the young singer who has caused the biggest sensation, not only in Latin America, but also in some European countries.

In addition, recently on the Nicky Jam's show, the Colombian made clear what it has cost him to go from less to more in terms of dreams and his successes.

In the dialogue with Nicky, he said that first he had to break down the opinion that his career was financed by drug trafficking. He also told how nobody believed in him at the beginning and that the radio stations in his country did not give him the opportunity when he was starting out.

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