Mariah Carey confirmed her longstanding rivalry with JLo, thanks to a simple gesture: Here we tell you everything!

Mariah Carey confirmed her longstanding rivalry with JLo, thanks to a simple gesture: Here we tell you everything!

When it comes to solidarity among celebrities, almost all insist on maintaining an image of kindness and zero resentment... But often, reality gives them away, and their longest lasting quarrels come to light.

Such is the case between Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. It has never been clear why both singers can't stand each other, but some fans claim that it all goes back to an interview Mariah gave in the early 2000s.

At that time, a German presenter asked Mariah her opinion about Lopez, and she simply said that she "didn't know her" with a sneer.

Nearly two decades later, the estrangement between the two divas persists without any concrete reason, but the eve of receiving the year 2021 has fuelled the discomfort. At least as far as Carey is concerned.

For years, Carey was in charge of welcoming the New Year at the celebrations in Times Square (New York), but after the disastrous presentation in 2016, when the singer left the stage due to bad planning and a bad sound system, nothing was the same again.

Now, it could be considered a blow under the fact that the organizers chose JLo to take her place and welcome her to 2021. Of course, the gesture didn't do any good for Carey, whose reaction to Lopez's show went viral on social media.

While JLo was strutting around the Times Square stage, Carey was being interviewed on CNN by Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. However, much of the interview was invaded by the scandal that came from the New York festivities . And Mariah didn't miss the opportunity to launch an annoying commentary:

The grimaces that followed Cohen's statement soon took hold on Twitter. Many users said that Mariah was angry for "giving up" the spotlight that had been hers for so many years.

Others said that the voice behind 'All I Want for Christmas' was not at all impressed with Lopez's performance.

For his part, JLo has never made any judgments about Carey, but his unforgettable New Year's Eve show will no doubt continue to give Mariah reason to frown. Anyway, she can't say she "doesn't know her" anymore, can she?

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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