Meet Marlli Arias, Maluma's mother, known as the “reggaeton mother-in-law”

For millions of people her son is Maluma or the "Papi Juancho" of the reggaeton, but for Mrs. Marlli Arias he is her beloved Juan Luis Londoño Arias.

The beautiful Mrs. Marlli Arias is called in social media "the mother-in-law of the reggaeton"... Why? She is Maluma's mother. On her Instagram, we can find many photographs of mother and son.

As one of the great stars of reggaeton, Maluma has spoiled her mother with trips to different parts of the world. "I like it when we dream and fly together I love you ❤", expressed Marlli Arias in a recent post, without mentioning the place where they have traveled. "What a beautiful thought, the love of a mother is invaluable and unconditional, may you enjoy every moment of life together", "my great mother-in-law", "the mother-in-law of all", "the purest and truest love", "little mother-in-law ❤", "divine is the one who is a good son, daddy God multiplies his blessings", are some of the comments the beautiful lady received.

In the picture she shared we can see her hugging her son, before boarding the private plane of the reggaetonero. Since he was a child, the singer has been very restless, as Marlli Arias said in a past interview for the Colombian website Pulzo. She remembered a mischief that took her son to the hospital: "he was a year and a half old and he disguised himself as Batman, he ran out and buried a leg of a chair, they had to make him surgery, hospitalization, so it was very difficult".

It is impossible not to be moved by each of the photographs that "the reggaeton mother-in-law" has shared on Instagram, as we can find these messages she has written to her son:

"It is a privilege that you have chosen me as your mother, the day you were born we were both born, may it be many lives together, I love you".

In a recent post on her Instagram feed, Maluma shared a couple of family photos with her millions of fans, along with her mom and her only sister Manuela: "Family, that priceless treasure that gave us life, I love these dolls".

Maluma's new album, "Papi Juancho," includes special collaborations with reggaeton artists from the beginning, as well as from the new school, including: Darell, Jory Boy, Justin Quiles, Lenny Tavarez, Myke Towers, Ñejo & Dálmata, Ñengo Flow, Randy, Yandel, Yomo and Zion.

"It is a very complete album that is made with a lot of detail, for example, the song Medallo City is a trap with salsa and in my music I had not experienced that musical genre, and all that the lyrics say are terms that we use in Medellin, specifically in Envigado, where I grew up, is pure neighborhood. I want to show my culture and I want people to see where I'm from, I'm from Medallo City," said Maluma.

Alejandro Peña

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