Meghan Markle does not plan to return 'in any way' to be part of the royal family for this reason

Meghan Markle does not plan to return 'in any way' to be part of the royal family for this reason

A royal biographer assures that Meghan Markle does not plan to return to the United Kingdom, much less to be part of the British royal family again, alienating Harry forever.

One year after the Megxit, the situation between the Sussexes and the British royal family is still hanging by a thread. And some have more than one opinion on how this relationship will work, including real biographer Angela Levin. She is the author of one of the official biographies on Harry and has stated that Meghan Markle does not plan to return with the royal family "because she hated being part of".

Meghan Markle 'planned to get out of the royals before getting married' Levin told MailPlus, 'I don't think Meghan will go back [to the UK]. She hated being with the royal family and was preparing to separate from them even before the wedding.

"She didn't like the UK, it's too small for her." And Harry's involvement in the middle of this mess was questioned. What will be interesting is to see how far he will allow Harry to go. How long will he get it to stay out 'via Express UK.

Also, according to royal expert Russell Myers, Diana's youngest son plans to "negotiate a better deal" for him and Meghan. Myers told Nine Honey: “It was a very big thing at the beginning of the year after negotiating the Megxit deal. They wanted one foot inside and one outside the royal family.

Levin herself published an article entitled How America Changed Prince Harry, where she analyzes the departure of the Sussexes. In it, he stated that 'Harry became the shadow of the prince I once knew. He seems to have given up his life as a man of action to become a wild benefactor. '

He added criticism of Harry's behavior after "closing deals that seem insensitive at such a deplorable time" as the pandemic is, and that he "hid" in his residence in Santa Barbara "instead of being a comfort to the British."

He alludes to Meghan's involvement in all this, which he quotes: "Of course, he would not be the first man to be cornered by a beautiful woman with a different agenda than hers."

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