Miley Cyrus's unexpected confession about Harry Styles left us speechless!

Miley Cyrus's unexpected confession about Harry Styles left us speechless, Find out here!

Could Miley Cyrus see a future with Harry Styles? Well, the artist did not remain silent and made some comments about the British artist.

Miley Cyrus is always news. The American artist is very active on social media, and despite being a public figure with great global influence, and knowing that she says what she says, she will make people talk, the artist continues to be transparent and always says what do you think.

The most recent example of this was found during the interview he conducted with the station ‘Heart FM’, during which he submitted to the classic game of “What would you prefer?”. A game in which Miley Cyrus once again demonstrated her sincerity in each of the questions. In one of them, the ‘Plastic Hearts’ interpreter ended up confessing that she would kiss Harry Styles before Justin Bieber. An answer that surprised many, because for years they talked about the bad relationship that the artist had with the British. However, that is something that has remained in the past.

"Would you rather kiss Justin Bieber or Harry Styles?" Was the star question of the night. At this, Miley replied "Harry." Then she wanted to clarify her answer: “I've known Justin Bieber for too long and it's like family. Harry Styles is very handsome »confessed the Nashville artist.

The artist played this well-known game without any problem, and although she knew that her answers would have a great impact since the questions were complicated and it was impossible to look good, she did not hesitate to answer as sincerely as possible.

Miley Cyrus is convinced that the former member of the British band One Direction, Harry Styles, and she could make a very good couple given that they share very similar tastes in terms of fashion.

Harry's image has evolved considerably since he left the group that catapulted him to fame and Miley has not overlooked that detail.

Miley Cyrus assured that she adores the British artist and even explained that they dress similarly: “We have a very similar taste. Share a closet and a life together. Makes sense, doesn't it? said the artist joking with the interviewer. "Everyone is playing cupid for me these days," Miley said with a laugh.

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