Natalia Barulich breaks her silence! This is how she described the end of her relationship with Maluma

Natalia Barulich breaks her silence! This is how she described the end of her relationship with Maluma

In an interview with a Mexican channel, the Colombian singer's ex-girlfriend emphasized that she wants to make her career without depending on anyone.

Natalia Barulich is very clear in assuring that she does not want to be under anyone's shadow, and that she wants to enhance her career as a soloist and DJ without being influenced by someone else's fame.

Maluma's ex-girlfriend, in an interview with TV Azteca's show 'Ventaneando', acknowledged that the relationship with the Colombian singer was an experience she appreciates and values, but it is something that is now part of the past. "It was an experience and a romance that I have left behind, in my past, and I will say that I am very grateful to have been hired as a model for that video clip [of the song 'Felices los 4'] because that video changed many things for me".

At no time during the interview did the model mention the name of her former partner, and she focused on talking about her projects and what she learned during her relationship with the Colombian. "Now is my moment, I don't want to be under anyone's shadow, I want to make my career as a soloist and I love it, I have a lot of energy, a lot of fire, a lot of passion".

The American also stressed that, along with her professional growth, the relationship with the 'Pretty Boy' left some words of Spanish: "In my past relationship is when I really began to capture some words and phrases, but I was learning Colombian Spanish". Her Mexican friends sometimes did not understand her, so they invited her to learn Mexican Spanish.

The romance between Barulich and Maluma ended more than a year ago, and has been the subject of discussions on social media because of the model's alleged relationship with soccer star Neymar.

In October, the Colombian artist, in a video, confronted the rumors and said: "I don't know if they are really together. I really don't care, because everyone does their own thing, everyone does what they want, and if they are engaged, it's fine with me. Everyone needs a love in their life. I don't have a problem with it, or at least I know about it (...)".

In the interview, Barulich talked about her parents and her Cuban roots. She stressed that she had already had the opportunity to visit the island, and that she was captivated by the beaches, the old cars and the historical buildings.

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