No TV, no internet: the strict rules that Queen Letizia imposes on her daughters

No TV, no internet: the strict rules that Queen Letizia imposes on her daughters

Discipline has been one of the characteristics of the wife of King Philip VI, and her little daughters have demonstrated it with their attitude in their public appearances.

Queen Letizia has been characterized by being an orderly woman with a lot of discipline, so all this has led her to impose rules in her home and, in a punctual manner with her daughters. Recently it has been reported that her descendants are forbidden to watch television or use the internet, so Leonor and Sofia lead a very strict life in many aspects.

This has as a premise that Letizia projects the discipline she has in her own life towards that of her daughters, so it has been detailed that the purpose of this is to help them maintain an impeccable life.

For this reason, heiresses must comply with a series of rules that, although they may seem excessive, are often common in many homes around the world, with all that this implies.

First of all, princesses must sleep early, so by nine o'clock at night they must be in their rooms. Also, the schedule is extended on weekends according to the social activities they have. Also, and despite Letizia being a media professional, her daughters are not allowed to watch TV from Monday to Friday.

Similarly, in the area of media, the rule becomes flexible on weekends, as they are allowed some hours of "entertainment". Meanwhile, Letizia does not allow them to connect to the Internet either, and in the same way, on Saturdays and Sundays they have specific times to access the web, so everything in this area is extremely controlled by the queen.

Finally, Leonor and Sofía have a very healthy menu, so Letizia's daughters do not have access to sweets. Without a doubt, this premise makes their daughters have a much more balanced diet to prevent any type of illness. And in this case on weekends they are not allowed to eat candy, so you can see that Letizia's rigidity is maximum.

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