OMG! Are Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas going to be parents? Find Out Here!

Priyanka Chopra recently spoke about how she has spent quality time in quarantine with her husband Nick Jonas, where they discussed their desire to start a family together. Both agree with the fact that they want to have many children together, which are the fruit of their love and a piece of their union, however, admit that they are not putting pressure on each other and that it is fate who will decide on the number of children. , the most important thing is to remain as united as ever.

Priyanka Chopra has been open about her hope of having a large family with her husband Nick Jonas. Now, Jonas himself is opening up about his shared dream of having "many" children while admitting that much of it is out of his control. Above all, he told E! , is grateful to have Chopra and a strong partnership. His comments are a rare glimpse into their relationship two years after they were married.

"She's the most important piece of the puzzle, and obviously it's something that we hope will happen [to start a family], and God willing, she joins," Jonas said. "You know, whatever is right. We are lucky to have each other and have a full heart for the future, I say, and things are out of your control. And the foundation of a couple is strong and you are excited about possibility of that ".

Having children "is going to be a beautiful journey, and I hope for many, or whatever," Jonas said. "We'll find out when they arrive, but for now it's just about making sure we're okay." Chopra spoke to The Times in January about her dreams of having a great family with Jonas and said, "I want to have children, as many as I can have." He also touched on whether their 10-year age difference or cultural differences have been obstacles.

"Neither one was an obstacle," he said. Nick went to India like a fish in water. But just like a normal couple, they need to understand each other's habits and what they like. So it's more of an adventure than trying to solve obstacles. None of that was really that difficult. And the quarantine gave us a chance to spend a lot of time together, for which I am truly blessed. Because in our two races it's hard to find that kind of time. "

How was Priyanka and Nick Jonas' first meeting?

With her husband at home in Los Angeles and the actress now in London filming the Amazon series Citadel in London, Chopra recalled the couple's courtship, which began with Nick Jonas's bold introduction to Twitter that was followed by another bold move when they met in person the following year. "I was surprised by his audacity," the 38-year-old Indian star said of her first impression of the musician in an interview with People.

He took me by the hand and turned me around. I was like, "What's going on?" He was bold, confident, self-assured, '' Chopra said of her first meeting with the Jonas Brothers star at Vanity Fair's Oscar after-party in 2017. She continued, 'But I was so deluded. Our courtship was so short. I rode the wave because I trusted him. I'm someone who likes to have a sense of control, but he's the only one that I don't feel like I need to do that with. I feel protected, calm. ' The couple had their first communication a year before the Oscar party. And Nick Jonas once again showed his 'confidence' and 'boldness' when he reached out to her via Twitter and suggested they go out on a date.

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