OMG, Mariah Carey is sued by her sister for making up false accusations in her new book. We tell you all the details!

The singer Mariah Carey was sued by her older sister Alison Carey, who assures that the famous singer has publicly humiliated her by revealing certain family secrets in her biography 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey', which went on sale last September. . Alison Carey, 59, has sued the singer for 1.25 million dollars (just over one million euros) claiming that the memoirs she published in 2020 caused her "immense emotional anguish."

The performer of one of the most widely played and profitable songs around Christmas, All I Want for Christmas is You, recounted in the autobiographical book details of her life that upset her sister and that have now provoked her reaction in court. Among other things, Carey reveals in his publication an oppressive marriage, family violence and also talks about the bipolar disorder he suffers. In the book, the pop star claimed that Alison Carey had drugged her as a child, that another of her brothers physically abused her, and that one of her mother's boyfriends threatened to kill her when she decided to leave the relationship.

Specifically, in a chapter titled 'Dandelion Tea', Mariah Carey reveals that when she was 12 years old, her sister Alison, then 20 years old, drugged her with Valium and let her get into a car with the boyfriend of another of her sisters, which was armed. Besides, the singer accused Alison of having burned her by throwing a tea with boiling water on her, according to a document presented in the Manhattan Supreme Court this Monday, February 1, 2021, according to the local media Page Six. Mariah Carey's older sister, who does not have a lawyer and who represents herself in the case, says that Carey never allowed her to defend herself against the accusations she exposes in the book, nor did she present evidence to show what she counts in the book.

Alison, 59, who has previously been arrested for prostitution and who was attacked in 2015, says she suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome due to her turbulent past, and that despite knowing her problems, the interpreter used her status as a figure public to attack her sister, "generating sensational headlines to promote book sales," the document said. Besides, she says that she is having problems with alcohol again after being sober for a "long time" as a result of the stress caused by the publication of the book. As such, Alison now asks Mariah Carey for compensation of $ 1.25 million in the complaint about "intentionally inflicting immense emotional stress" for "heartless, ruthless, vindictive, despicable and unnecessarily public humiliation."

Although there were moments in which the music managed to generate warm moments with her mother, Mariah Carey identifies her family with violence. "When I was 12 my sister drugged me with Valium, offered me a pinky fingernail full of cocaine, gave me third-degree burns, and tried to sell me to a pimp," she says in the book where she adds that for her brothers and her Her own mother came to be treated as "an ATM in a wig" as soon as she became famous. According to her version, the singer felt abandoned and all of them "simply tried to make believe that I was institutionally unstable immediately after having signed the largest financial agreement for a solo artist."

“When I was little I had developed the instinct to feel when violence was coming,” she says in the memoirs. "I realized that when the cries of the adults reached a certain pitch, I had to take cover." She recounts several physical altercations and stops in one especially violent one of her brother towards her mother that forced her to call a family friend for help. She was six years old and when the police arrived she still remembers how one of the officers looked at her and, addressing her partner, said: "If this girl succeeds, it will be a miracle.

For these reasons, Alison Carey, according to the legal documents published by TMZ, argues in her claim that "she felt deeply damaged" by the statements of her sisterMariah and accuses the artist of inventing stories "to promote the sales of her book". Claims that Alison Carey assures are false and her sister made "knowing the harm they would cause her." The sister of the singer Mariah Carey, assures that the artist, when launching what she claims are lies, did not take into account that her health is complicated, that she suffers digestive disorders, spinal problems and a brain injury that causes her short-term memory and vision problems resulting from the attack that he suffered almost 6 years ago at his home, an incident that has not yet been resolved and the perpetrators are unknown.

Alison Carey, who is HIV positive, was addicted to alcohol, although she claims to have been sober for a long time after having struggled with her drinking problem and now decides to blame Mariah for resuming this terrible habit to deal with the pressure of the attacks in her book. And he assures that he will continue to maintain in his lawsuit that his famous sister "maliciously used her public figure" to attack her knowing that she is in a very difficult economic situation. Definitely, Alison is convinced that she was the best lure her sister had to increase the sales of her book, create controversy and continue adding income to her millionaire bank account.
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