OMG, it's official Michael B. Jordan is dating Lori Harvey!

OMG, it's official Michael B. Jordan is dating Lori Harvey!

Michale B. Jordan is already doing his Insta-official romance and we know that meant he was serious! Keep reading and find out everything!

The one who is considered the sexiest man alive on the planet (according to People) is already engaged, at least, for the moment. Actor Michael B. Jordan has published on Instagram some photos that make his courtship with the model Lori Harvey official.

The 33-year-old actor and the 24-year-old model had already been photographed together this Christmas, in which they made several plans together, such as snowboarding days near Salt Lake City.

Earlier in November, Jordan and Harvey were seen arriving at an Atlanta airport, where they were also surprised by the press, who photographed them.

So now they have made the relationship official by publishing both photos on their respective Instagram accounts where they pose together in an affectionate and complicit attitude and wearing wide smiles.

In the images, the couple kiss, look at each other tenderly, and pose together looking at the camera, but they did not add any text to the images. Only she included a small heart emoji next to the photos.

Last November, when the actor was named the sexiest man on the planet, he told People what he was looking for in a partner: "A sense of humor and a true understanding, because [an actor's] life is not conducive to a relationship, it isn't, "he advanced.

But Lori Harvey already knows what that is, as she is the daughter of actor, comedian, and producer Steve Harvey. The model Lori, who began her career in 2017 and is also a social media celebrity, was dating rapper Future in early 2020, a relationship that ended shortly after.

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