On the move! J Balvin knows the future and assures us that we're going to like it!

The Colombian singer posted a photo to Instagram that excited his millions of fans, as it suggests he is working on new songs.

J Balvin is one of the most acclaimed artists in Latin America. His music has transcended all kinds of barriers and borders, reaching to make collaborations with great figures of the music industry internationally, among which we can name Beyoncé or Dua Lipa, as well as other Latin American greats such as Shakira, Bad Bunny and his fellow paisa, Maluma. This is thanks to the ingenuity and versatility of the Colombian artist.

J Balvin is working on new songs

After all the depression, J Balvin has been traveling, fighting some difficulties and getting inspired to bring something new to his followers, who were already very satisfied in 2020 with his album Colores, which was one of the most listened to on streaming platforms and was positively accepted among urban music consumers.

Now, in a totally unexpected way, J Balvin has posted with whom will be his next musical collaboration, leaving everyone speechless and generating a new expectation just a few days before the end of the first month of 2021.

J Balvin is working on new songs

He looks very happy, because according to him, he has been working on new sounds, and promises that it will be a cutting-edge product in terms of urban sounds for this year 2021.

The published photo shows the Colombian in the company of the famous Dj, Skrillex. Both are having a drink in the recording studio, while smiling at the camera in the company of a friendly alien.

"Looking for other sounds, but we already know the future, they told us about it around here" was the text the artist wrote to accompany the post, making reference to the fact that it will be a novel and out of this world work.

The post is less than a day old and has already passed half a million likes. The comments have not been long in coming and everyone is excited about the news of the new collaboration.

J Balvin is working on new songs

Even other famous DJs, such as Diplo, were present in the comments of the publication, making visible the enthusiasm for the new collaboration of the two artists in question.

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