Piqué and Shakira had to close their business due to financial losses

Piqué and Shakira had to close their business due to financial losses

The football player and the singer close the doors of the restaurant Blue Spot, in Barceloneta, another business that also suffered the dire consequences of this year 2020.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira have definitively closed the exclusive restaurant they had in Barcelona. This is Blue Spot, an establishment they opened in June 2018 with the restaurateur Tomás Tarruella, among other partners, next to the Hotel Vela, in the Barceloneta district.

The establishment was unable to withstand the onslaught of the crisis left by the pandemic and has filed for bankruptcy in the city's commercial courts. The restaurant had been closed since the state of alarm was decreed last March.

Losses of almost half a million

Behind this restoration business was the Logobeach company, presided over by Tarruella and of which the footballer's brother (Marco), Perico Cortés, Joan Mas and Xavier Mitats were also members of the board of directors, as published by the media 'Expansión' a few days ago.

In 2018, the restaurant had a turnover of 1.9 million euros, but lost nearly half a million. Last year, the establishment looked like it was finally going to generate profits, but the state of alarm, the restrictions on the restaurant sector and the absence of tourists, made things very difficult for the famous couple's business.

The establishment had a capacity for 300 diners and 30 people worked there. This world crisis has affected thousands of businesses and companies from all sectors of the economy, and has also caused the dismissal of millions of people and of course, what is sadder, the unfortunate death of many more.

360º views in Barceloneta

The Blue Spot was located at the top of the chrome cube on Sant Sebastià beach. The restaurant, with 360º views over the city, was accessed by two elevators. The restaurant had a terrace that served as a cocktail lounge and had a menu that included pasta, rice, meat, fish and seafood.

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