Prince Harry and Meghan Markle insisted that Netflix end "The Crown" before it came to their royal drama

When they signed their massive deal with Netflix, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle surprised many royal fans who were impressed that they worked for the broadcast, which produces the royal drama The Crown.

According to royal biographer Angela Levin, Prince Harry confided to her two years ago that the royal family did watch the series, but that he was determined to make sure it stopped before it reached adulthood and his relationship with Meghan Markle, adding to this all the events that occurred during this time. Although Harry and Meghan reportedly used their position as Netflix partners to insist that The Crown end before it reached its royal drama, Levin fears that the strategy could backfire and that Netflix could end up "getting a lot of information that will doom the "royal family" of Sussex.

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Netflix's hit drama The Crown focuses on the dramas and scandals that have marked the life of the modern British royal family. Given that The Crown does not always portray all members of the royal family in the most positive light (such as its ongoing implications of Prince Philip's infidelity), some wondered whether the Sussexes' decision to sign a deal with the giant of streaming would add even more. stress to his already strained relationship with the rest of the Windsor clan.

According to The Mirror, some new reports suggest that Harry and Meghan took advantage of their deal as a way to make a very specific demand about The Crown's future - specifically, ending before their own royal drama. At least one expert on royalty, royal biographer Angela Levin, who wrote the 2018 biography Harry: Conversations with the Prince, believes this strategy was a mistake that could backfire on the couple.

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Even though Harry has been aiming to stay out of The Crown for years, Levin believes his and Meghan's dealings with Netflix could actually make things worse, not better, in that department.

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