SURPRISE! Halsey is pregnant and in this way she broke the news

The 26-year-old American singer, Halsey, announced on Wednesday that she will become a mother. Through his Instagram account, he shared a series of photos showing his baby bump.

The singer Halsey has big plans for 2021: we not only love the news of her new makeup line but also, she has just announced that she will bring a 'piece' of her to the world and become a mother this year. Through her social networks, Halsey showed her pregnancy photos with incredible looks with a retro vibe that range from a bikini knitted with baggy jeans to beautiful braless photos that reveal her impressive natural maternity glow.

With the caption 'Surprise!', The singer and businesswoman showed this series of photographs taken by Sam Dameshek in which we see her posing with her bulging belly that lets us see how advanced her pregnancy is. The post shocked her fans, who quickly filled her with congratulations. Only in 30 minutes, it exceeded 1.2 million likes and more than 45 million comments.

Halsey has been very honest with her health journey after suffering three miscarriages in recent years due to the endometriosis she suffers, remember the young woman, who wanted to become a mother, reported that she was freezing her eggs due to her condition, so this pregnancy is a great achievement for her!

In an interview with Rolling Stone when she was 21, Halsey talked about how she coped with one of the losses in the middle of a world tour: "I punished myself for that. I think the reason it happened is simply the lifestyle I was living. He was not drinking. He was not using drugs. I was fucking overworked, in the hospital every two weeks because I was dehydrated and needed to get IV bags to my green room. I was anemic, I was passing out. My body broke the sh*t".

Regarding the 'identity' of the father of Halsey's first child, details are not yet available. She was recently linked with the 23-year-old artist, Yungblud, after posting a picture of a dinner she prepared for the Brit, however, no further information about their 'relationship' has been revealed. Halsey previously had an affair with 'American Horror Story' actor Evan Peters, but they reportedly broke up in early 2020.

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