Sebastián Yatra has fun with Ester Expósito and her boyfriend in Madrid

Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra has been in Spain for a few weeks for work, but he also has time to enjoy with his friends.

Sebastián Yatra traveled to Spain to start his new project and enjoyed a nice night with Ester Expósito and Alex Speitzer.

The singer started this 2021 surrounded by success and new projects. He has even been in Spain for several weeks to work with Manolo Caro and try his luck as an actor in "Érase una vez...pero ya no", the series that will mix Spanish and Latin pop classics with a plot related to fairy tales.

Hence the rumors of Yatra's relationship with Ester Expósito and Alejandro Speitzer, since, Manolo Caro is also director of "Alguien tiene que morir" and it was him who brought Ester and Alejandro together.

Sebastián Yatra's visit to Spain was not only for work. He also took the opportunity to walk the streets of Madrid and meet up with old friends. One of them is Alejandro Speitzer, with whom he spent a pleasant evening, also with Ester Expósito.

"I think I didn't bring the right clothes" wrote the singer next to the first picture in Madrid, joking, since in this city they are in winter and it is very cold.

As for fun nights out with friends, Yatra didn't waste any time, or at least that's what the videos posted on social media show, where Sebastián Yatra can be seen enjoying himself with Speitzer and Ester Expósito, as well as Sergio Momo and two other friends singing "Un Año".

Immediately followers of the three artists began to request the presence of Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola, who is also a friend of Ester and Alejandro. It should be remembered that Yatra has a musical collaboration with Danna in the song "No bailes sola".

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