Selena Gomez confesses something about her Latin music that nobody thought, we tell you here!

The singer Selena Gomez has just released ‘De Una Vez’, a preview that is rumored to be her first album entirely in Spanish and which will be entitled “Baila Conmigo”.

What is the new song in Spanish by Selena Gomez that everyone talks about? It is about heartbreak and the importance of leaving behind the relationships that 'clipped your wings', just as it did in 'Lose You To Love Me', the single from Selena Gomez's latest album called 'Rare' (and which has always been believed to be telling her love story with her ex Justin Bieber).

Why is Selena Gomez releasing an album in Spanish?

Selena Gomez had been working on this project for a decade that allows her to celebrate her Latin roots, as the granddaughter of Mexicans. In 2011, she made reference for the first time to her intention to create an album in which it has always been her 'second language': Spanish.

But it was not until a week ago when he returned to give news about these plans, stating on Twitter that the long wait would end up being worth it. Selena Gomez sings better in Spanish? The celebrity herself assures that YES!

Selena assures that she believes that she sings much better in Spanish and this has been revealed by the singer in an interview with Apple Music. The former Disney star has worked hard to improve his pronunciation and not make any mistakes in Spanish when recording this important single in his career, because he knows that he is facing an unknown audience, whose respect he has yet to earn.

"There’s something about Latin music that, globally, just makes people feel things." Selena says on Twitter and assures that this is just the beginning of something she has wanted to explore for a long time. Hope we like it? obviously we are going to love it!

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