Shakira comes clean and reveals why she hasn't married Pique yet

Shakira comes clean and reveals why she hasn't married Pique yet

The Colombian artist stunned her fans with the answer she gave when she was asked why she had not yet celebrated her marriage to Piqué.

Journalist Bill Whitaker of the program 60 Minutes, one of the most important in the United States, interviewed Shakira in Spain, the country of residence of the Colombian. The singer talked about several aspects of her career: Her beginnings, her participation in several sports events and her relationship with Piqué.

Also, the singer from Barranquilla touched on the subject of how to be a mother in the midst of concert tours around the world and with so much work that occupies her, being one of the most popular and required singers in many countries, events and social projects.

In the interview, Shak also talked about her participation in the Super Bowl, along with singer Jennifer Lopez. This was one of the artist's most desired performances in this 2020, since the part-time show is one of the ones that generates the most expectation, in addition to promoting and disseminating even more the careers and musical works of the artists who perform.

Whitaker took the opportunity to praise the singer, and tell her that she is one of the most versatile women on stage, since she plays the guitar, drums, sings and dances, and does it very well, by the way.

"I listen to music through my body, even when I am mixing songs in the recording studio," explained the Barranquillera, assuring that her hips serve as a thermometer to know if a song will be a hit or not.

Shakira and marriage...

Speaking of her inspiration when composing her songs, the artist pointed out one of the most emblematic and remembered songs in the World Cup, the 'Waka Waka', saying that it has all the African flavor, with a lot of mixture of rhythms and dances.

During the interview, she also referred to her relationship with Gerard Piqué, who played for Club Barcelona and whom she even met during the recording of the Waka Waka video.

Shak said that before that she did not know him, because she is not a big fan of soccer, although she has already participated in three World Cups.

As to why she hasn't married, Shakira said she is terrified of marriage. "To tell you the truth, marriage scares me, I don't want him to see me as 'the wife', I prefer him to see me as his girlfriend, his lover, to be like a little forbidden fruit, I want him to think that everything is possible depending on the behavior".


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