Shakira's call for help to protect Amazonia: "Today I want to send a message"

In a video released by 'Visión Amazonia', the Colombian singer makes a call to care for the environment.

In a video posted by 'Visión Amazonia', the Colombian government's program for the formulation of alternative projects that contribute to zero logging in that part of the country, the singer from Barranquilla sent a message to conserve Amazonia.

"Today I want to send a message especially to all the people who live in the Colombian Amazonia. To those who are in a paradise and who can enjoy the pure air and contemplate daily that wonder that is our Amazonia", said the UNICEF global ambassador.

"I call for the trees not to be burned or felled, because a cared-for Amazon will ensure that we have water, that the planet does not continue to heat up and that life continues on earth, as we know it. In this dry season, let's say no to burning, no to deforestation", added the famous Colombian singer.

It is important to keep in mind that during the dry season the risk of deforestation increases, because the soil is prepared for agriculture and cattle raising.

These human activities cause profound damage to the Amazonia, which is considered the planet's green lung, for its production of water, clean air and wildlife, among other natural benefits.

Deforestation in Colombia exceeded 150,000 hectares. Of this total, 62% was concentrated in this region, according to the Colombian government.

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