She spoke out! Danna Paola gave her opinion about the legal process her ex Eleazar is facing

Danna Paola gave her position for the first time about the arrest of Televisa actor Eleazar Gómez, with whom she had a romantic relationship a few years ago, when she was just a teenager.

Although Danna Paola previously spoke a couple of times in a very general way about the arrest of her former teenage boyfriend, the singer has finally broken her silence.

During an interview for Suelta la Sopa, the singer of 'Calla Tú' admitted that she was shocked to hear the news of the arrest of Televisa actor Eleazar Gómez.

"As a woman, I think it is something I would not like to relive, far from it... When you see headlines like this, of course it causes a lot of shock, but the best way I have had is with the support of my family, my friends...", she commented.

The Mexican singer acknowledged that her relationship with the actor was a stage in her life that she had a hard time leaving behind, but that, with the help of therapy, little by little she was able to heal.

"For me it is an extremely delicate subject, today I am in such a beautiful moment of my life, so full, so healthy, that it is a subject that took me many years, a long process and a lot of therapy to overcome, and today I am out, then I would not like to relive this kind of things the truth," concluded Danna.

During some interviews to promote her new album 'K.O.' the actress has spoken out against gender violence although she always avoided the topic of her relationship with Eleazar Gomez, who is still in jail.

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