Shia LaBeouf's girlfriend abandons him after being reported for domestic violence. We tell you everything!

Shia LaBeouf's girlfriend abandons him after being reported for domestic violence. We tell you everything!

The actor admitted the accusations after being pointed out by the British singer FKA Twigs, his previous partner: "I have been violent with myself and with everyone around me"

Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley have announced their separation almost a month after the actor was reported for domestic violence by his ex, the British singer FKA Twigs. “They separated on Saturday. They are just in different stages of their lives, "an anonymous source told People magazine. According to her information, the 26-year-old actress, daughter of Andie MacDowell, would like to focus more on her career and wishes that her romantic affairs did not affect her. The couple was seen kissing at the Los Angeles airport in December 2020 and were last photographed together on Monday, January 4, in Studio City, California, as they walked together.

This separation occurs in the middle of controversy around the alleged actions of the actor. It all started when the British singer FKA Twigs initiated a domestic violence lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend on Friday, December 11, in the Los Angeles court. The artist maintains that she was attacked during her relationship with Shia LaBeouf, between 2018 and 2019.

She was immediately supported by singer Sia, who had collaborated with the actor on the Elastic Heart music video and also shared her experience with what she considers a "pathological liar." The Australian was quick to warn the women and asked them to "stay away" from the Hollywood actor, who was "very ill," according to her.

Days later, Shia LaBeouf publicly admitted his faults in statements to the New York Times: "I have no excuse for my alcoholism or my aggressiveness," he said. “I have been violent with myself and with everyone around me for years (...) I am ashamed of this story and I feel sorry for those I have hurt. I can't say anything else. "

Finally, while his lawyer had told Variety magazine that he was going to undergo "long-term hospital treatment," LaBeouf was expelled from the campaign to promote the film Pieces of a Woman. Besides, his partner on the screen in this film produced by Netflix, Vanessa Kirby, has decided to disassociate herself from the actor and support the alleged victims.
The child prodigy of series, programs, and small television roles, the one who started working at the age of 12, who a decade ago already earned 16 million dollars and whom Time magazine defined as a “belligerent neighborhood boy” has become something more than a broken toy.

"I'm not cured of alcoholism or my PTSD," he recently stated. Alcohol, drugs, and media exposure have taken their toll on him, and perhaps, as people close to him are pointing out, there is underlying mental illness. "But I am willing to do whatever it takes to recover, and I will always apologize to those I have hurt along the way," he added.
This son of a visual artist mother and circus clown mime father did not have a very happy childhood. His father was also an addict, and the couple divorced when he was eight, so he was raised by his uncle.

Starting in 2011, his life has become a succession of arrests (the first that same year, after a fight at a Los Angeles club), detox clinics, and public fights. When he presented his short film at Cannes in May 2012, called Howard, he was ugly that it was plagiarism. He admitted it, but the jokes and jokes did not stop, so he decided to retire from public life.

In February 2014, he appeared at the Nymphomaniac premiere in Berlin with a paper bag over his head reading "I'm not famous anymore." Months later he was arrested in a Cabaret show on Broadway, for smoking and screaming drunk in the room. It was in June 2014. In October 2015 the next arrest came, this time in Texas.

In 2016 he married Mia Goth although two years later when their separation came, it was learned that it had not been a legal ceremony. That same year he met Twigs.

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