Sia apologizes for portraying autism in 'Music' and then disappeared

Australian artist Sia apologized for portraying autism in her directorial debut in the film Music after the film surprisingly garnered two Golden Globe nominations. Apparently, not all reviews can be bad. nominations for awards as important as these, however, the annoyances and offenses caused are due to the artist's ignorance of this condition and its misrepresentation, despite commenting that he claimed to have spent 'three years' finding out about autism.

The film has sparked controversy for casting neurotypical actress Maddie Ziegler as a non-verbal autistic woman who listens to music endlessly on her headphones. An online petition calling for the cancellation of the music has around 18,000 signatures. Following her Globes nominations on Wednesday, Sia tweeted an apology, promising to remove the moderation scenes from the film and said it will be updated with a warning. Then he deleted his Twitter account.

"Sorry," he said simply in a post. In another, he added: “I plan to remove restriction scenes from all future prints. I listened to the wrong people and that is my responsibility, my research was clearly not complete or comprehensive enough. “The fact that Sia is one of the brightest names in contemporary pop doesn't make her immune to criticism. And music, the feature film with which she makes her fictional directorial debut, is earning rather severe reproaches for its portrayal of autism.

The fact that Maddie Ziegler (whom you will remember as the young dancer in the Chandelier video) is neurotypical has sparked attacks on Music. But the harshest controversy has been due to the scenes in which the protagonist appears tied up. By way of damage control, Sia has promised to remove the most controversial scenes from the film. He also posted several apology messages before deleting his Twitter account. Finally, he has promised to include a message in the film to make it clear that it "does not support or recommend" the use of restraints in people with autism spectrum disorders.

Sia also said that Music will contain the following warning: “MUSIC in no way endorses or recommends the use of moderation in autistic individuals. Some autistic occupational therapists specialize in sensory processing who can be consulted to explain safe ways to provide proprioceptive and deep pressure feedback to aid fusion safety. "The verdict of our leading film critic, Pete Hammond, was as follows: "The film was shown to me privately in early December in hopes of interviewing Sia and saying nice things about her film; I politely declined after viewing it, finding it lacking in almost every area."

Sia has previously been involved in discussions on Twitter on the subject. Last November, he said he tried to "represent the community with love." Many asked why a disabled actor could not have fulfilled the role. Sia defended herself, saying at one point, “Duh. I spent three fucking years doing research, I think that's why I'm so fucking discouraged." Music earned a nomination for Best Picture (Comedy / Musical), while Kate Hudson was also nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy and Musical. Hudson said he was "speechless" after the nomination.

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