The Montaner family is in mourning, and so they dismissed a beloved member of their 'herd'

The Montaner family is in mourning, and so they dismissed a beloved member of their 'herd'

Ricardo, Evaluna, Camilo, Mau and Ricky said goodbye to their great friend Ruper, a loved one who accompanied them in many important moments of their lives.

During the premiere season of the Montaner's family single, "Amen," which talks about the search for God in difficult times, the group of singers had to say goodbye to one of the most important members of their 'herd', Ruper.

Roberto, better known by the family as Ruper, worked for Ricardo Montaner for more than 30 years and the same singer confessed that he was a fundamental part of the family, to the extent that he was the second father of his children. When he left for a fight of several months against the Covid-19, Ruper passed away, and this is how the Montaner family said goodbye, because they considered him a man who caused enormous smiles to the family.

Ricardo Montaner was the first to give the sad news. He had previously notified his fans of the delicate state of health of his friend. Now, he said goodbye with thanks for the time they shared together.

"We lost Roberto, Ruper to the family... My partner of no less than 1000 grills in these last almost 30 years... Co-pilot in that of raising my kids, always available for everything... Hiding gifts, planting plants, taking care of my friends as if they were his friends... Anyone who hasn't had a cup of Rupe's coffee, raise your hand... The whole family recognizes him as a fundamental part of the Montaner family [...] My victim of the tickling, the one with the thick voice and the one who would stay up late if he knew I was coming on a trip. There isn't a soul at home who won't miss him. Very hard months, but today he managed to free himself from the yoke of the COVID and go to the heaven of tranquility. God is with him and he is with God, surely telling him about our barbecues while he brews coffee with a taste of paradise," the singer wrote on his Instagram account where he has received almost half a million likes.

For his part, Evaluna Montaner said goodbye to the man she considers her second father. This, with a video of him dancing at her wedding with Camilo.

"My Ruper. My second father. The one with the contagious and scandalous laugh went to be with God. The first one to try my cookies and say 'hey, so good, I want at least 3 in a row'. The one who smelled good all the time. The one who took care of me and who told me all the stories of his childhood. The man who was loved by everyone in the house. The one who changed our lives. I will be eternally grateful. We'll miss you, but we'll see you up there. At the end of the rainbow. We love you forever, Ruper", wrote Evaluna.

Mau and Ricky, together, posted a message that highlights the difficult time they are having as a family.

"It's amazing how precise the song we just released is and how it's in line with what I'm living today. That song serves as a refuge and a vehicle so that all the people who listen to it and need it can find Him and take refuge in Him. Today I need it...I have so many questions, fears, pains, and I feel in a hole.... I know that I also speak for my whole family. Ufff I thank God for Ruper. For his laughter and his contagious personality... For always thinking of everyone before thinking of himself. Because there is not one person who has not known him who does not say that he was a person who reflected the love and joy of Christ," says part of the statement.

Finally, Camilo, Evaluna's husband, wrote how much he had been hurt by the loss of his friend, who was the first to hear "Vida de Rico" and who assured him that it would be a success.

"Just so you know, Ruper was the first person to hear VIDA DE RICO, and I knew it was a good song when I realized it made him and Dori dance. He said it was going to be a hit and made me promise to release it in 2020 so I could dance to it by the end of the year. Ruper, after several months of fighting against the COVID, today he went to heaven and I was heartbroken in a thousand pieces. Value the time God gives you with the people you love," he wrote next to a video where Ruper was dancing.

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