The disease that Kim Kardashian hides with makeup

This woman is one of the top 10 Instagram followers on the planet!

Kim Kardashian (39) is a company in her own right. Some even credit her with pioneering the profession of influencing. Her model of beauty and lifestyle has made millions of women want to follow in her footsteps.

Without a doubt, her physique is one of her main attractions for hundreds of brands that want to invest in her to advertise, but there is an aspect of her body that has concerned her for many years. A chronic disease that suffers and whose consequences have been captured by photographers on occasion: psoriasis.

The first symptoms of this disease began to feel at age 25. This autoimmune disease affects 2% of the world's population and causes the skin to appear red spots, scaling, itching or inflammation of the joints.

"You can't let psoriasis ruin your life or stop you from doing your best. It has been 13 years since I suffered my first outbreak," wrote Kim Kardashian last year, posting an image in which she revealed the consequences this disease leaves on her skin every time she has an outbreak. Her mother, Kriss Jenner, also suffers from this disease. "My journey has been very different from my mother's, but I also see many similarities. I had it on my scalp and all over my body, I saw it all the time," said the famous socialite.

Psoriasis can cause great psychological burnout and loss of self-confidence because of how visible it is. This disease is the acceleration of the life cycle of skin cells, which causes these cells to accumulate rapidly on the surface of the skin and that this excess ends up generating red spots that often cause itching and pain.

"For the last eight years, although the spots are unpredictable, I have always had my main point on the lower right leg, which always gets swollen. I have learned to live with this spot without using creams or medication. Sometimes I cover it and sometimes I don't," said Kim, who has decided to launch a line of body makeup specialized in covering this and other problems.

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