The truth about how Anuel AA and Ozuna's new album came to be, what a crazy thing!

2021 witnessed something big in the urban genre, and the famous Anuel AA and Ozuna are the protagonists of this transcendental event.

Anuel AA and Ozuna joined forces in the creation of a complete album that has allowed them to strengthen their professional and personal relationship, and of course the real reason for this decision was to leave in the past the conflicts that kept them apart.

Anuel and Ozuna recorded an album together

'Nunca' is the name of the promotional song of the album "Los Dioses" of which Ozuna and Anuel AA are protagonists and in a short time they have managed to break records in reproductions both on Youtube and Spotify.

Previously Anuel AA and Ozuna had made musical collaborations with other artists of the urban genre, but their personal differences had prevented them from joining together to create big projects.

Both have other songs that you surely already enjoyed or will start to enjoy after reading this note: 'Antes', 'Dime tú', 'Los Dioses', 'Municiones', 'Contra el mundo', 'La María', 'RD', 'Perfecto', 'Perreo', '100' and 'Nena buena'.

Live conflict

Sebastián Yatra witnessed a confrontation between Anuel AA and Ozuna and dared to give statements about it to help his fans clarify the matter.

Sebastián Yatra

Ozuna and Anuel AA were interviewed by Molusco to promote their new album titled 'Los Dioses' and during the conversation they told that the day they finally reconciled they had a kind of confrontation in which, with a high tone of voice, they reproached each other for not talking to each other and generated great tension among those present, being Sebastián Yatra one of those.

Laughing, the singers of 'Bebé', 'Adicto', 'Cambio' and now 12 more songs, hinted at how scared and uncomfortable Yatra, who was working with Ozuna, was.

Anuel and Ozuna recorded an album together

"Yatra was in the studio. He was grabbing the cushion and said: 'This is not with me. This [Anuel] came in with like 30 [people] and Yatra wanted to get in his pocket," Ozuna exclaimed, while Karol G's boyfriend assured that, at that moment, when he turned to look at him, Yatra quickly averted his gaze, avoiding any kind of contact.

Now, Sebastián Yatra wanted to tell his side of the story and he did it through the stories section of Instagram, social media in which he already accumulates 25.6 million followers. He recorded himself explaining what for him is "the truth" and completely denying the Puerto Ricans.

Anuel and Ozuna recorded an album together

"The truth, the truth, I had zero fears with all those men who came into the studio. I think they saw me and were a little intimidated, Anuel also looked at me and I saw him with a scared face because I look very dangerous. And Ozuna was calm in the sense that I was in the studio with him and then he saw me and saw the other men and knew that I was like his security at that moment, so I was calming the tension", were his words.

From the way he expressed himself, everything points to the fact that he was only joking and that what his colleagues say is true. However, with everything "clarified", a big question still arises: What were Ozuna and Yatra doing in the studio? Although they revealed that they were together, they did not detail what they were doing, since they could be composing something, not collaborating, recording a new collaboration or just having a good time as friends.

No conflict

Neither Anuel AA nor Ozuna explained why they were in conflict or how they solved things, the truth is that 'Nunca', the promotional song of their album, has become a worldwide hit that in a short time has been played more than 400 million times on Spotify.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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