They slip under Karol G's dress at the Latin Grammys and few noticed!

If we talk about improvement and perseverance, we think of Karol G, and this woman is one of the most powerful in the urban genre today, she from a very young age and with many dreams and goals in mind has managed to progress little by little.

Minutes before the start of the 21st Annual Latin Grammy Awards, the singer Karol G appeared on the prelude show 'Noche de Estrellas' to chat with Giselle Blondet. But what was not seen was that while one of the members of the production was fixing her dress, time took him by surprise, and in order not to go out in front of the cameras he had to hide in the outfit that the Karol was wearing.

This move was probably necessary, not only to fix her dress but also to make it look in all its splendor. This fact provoked all kinds of comments, from offensive, haughty to mockery and the occasional joke.

The singer Karol G has not spoken out before the criticism of her followers, she lived her night like a queen and is happy with that.

Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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