This is how Luis Miguel lived before having his mansion in Acapulco

This is how Luis Miguel lived before having his mansion in Acapulco

Before acquiring his ostentatious mansion in Acapulco, Luis Miguel led a more humble life, living in smaller apartments in more popular areas.

The euphoria for the singer Luis Miguel has taken on great relevance again after the launch of the bioseries launched by Netflix, "Luis Miguel: The Series", which portrays to a great extent from the artist's beginnings in music to some aspects of his family life.

With the success that represented his career, Luis Miguel adopted a ostentatious lifestyle that led him to live among luxury and comfort, however, in his past this was somewhat different, and two of his old homes prove it.

Luis Miguel returned to the scene with greater strength, so there is now a deep interest in learning more about him. A series of anecdotes by a journalist revealed more details of the places where "El Sol" lived in his early years before he could even imagine buying his own mansion in Acapulco.

During his childhood until his teenage and almost adult years, when his career began to take off with enormous force, Luis Miguel and his family lived in two houses.

The first was located on Insurgentes Avenue and the second in San Bernabé in San Jerónimo Lídice, a residential area in Mexico City, the latter thanks to the connections of the singer's father with important figures from the art world.

A centrally located apartment

About the first address, which was known was very close to the intersection with Xola Avenue, was a very central apartment where "Luismi" and his family lived before Luisito Rey dedicated himself to travel the world to try to succeed in music.

Rey, of Spanish origin, returned after some tours to settle down again in the city (called at that time Mexico City), and that's when Luis Miguel's career started to take off with a lot of strength.

Later they moved to their second home in San Bernabé, where even "Luismi" alternated with the children of famous figures, such as the son of comedian Héctor Suárez Gomís, actor Roberto Palazuelos and Leonardo García, son of actor Andrés García, a very close friend of Luis Rey at the time.

"El Sol" was even 10 years old when he arrived with his family to the area, according to the journalist Javier León Herrera in his book "Luis Miguel, la historia" (Aguilar, 2018). Already at that time the Gallego-Basteri were fleeing from the debts generated by their father Luisito Rey.

He owed large sums of money to businessman Juan Pascual, who took over Luis Miguel's family after they returned from Spain, in "complete ruin", according to León Herrera.

It was Andrés García himself who supported them by lending them one of his properties, at number 20 of the private street of San Bernabé, in San Jerónimo, where they were practically neighbors.

"I remember at that time that we were neighbors, that Micky (Luis Miguel) sang all the time and sang wonderfully. I used to tell Luisito, who would believe it" recalled García in the interviews that are part of León Herrera's book.

Even shortly before Luis Rey believed in his son's talent, "Luismi" had a season living a normal childhood, until his father discovered his full potential. There is no doubt that the life of one of the most prominent idols in the music industry in and out of Mexico, Luis Miguel, continues to arouse great curiosity.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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