This is how the untimely reconciliation between Anuel AA and Ozuna happened, and Yatra witnessed it all!

The friendship that unites Ozuna and Anuel AA is, without a doubt, one of the most significant in the Latin American music scene, especially in the urban genre.

Like any bond, the union of both composers had some fissures in previous months, but 2021 brought back what we were all waiting for.

In the middle of an interview for the virtual channel "Molusco TV", Ozuna and Anuel told details of how the reconciliation came about and the future plans they have, which augurs a year full of success.

When asked about who took the initiative for the long-awaited rapprochement, the composer of "Caramelo" took the lead and told a hilarious anecdote.

According to the words of the Puerto Rican artist, it was Anuel AA who, in an untimely manner, resumed contact after some months without communicating.

"(Anuel) came to the studio, he came with more than thirty people. Everyone in the studio was tense," said Ozuna.

Amusingly, the Latin Grammy winner said that, at the time, everyone in the studio was somewhat shocked due to the effusiveness with which his colleague insisted that the situation be settled once and for all. Among those present was Sebastián Yatra, who was stunned.

The friendship between the 28-year-old singer-songwriter and the interpreter of "China" goes back a long way and, after this new reconciliation, they gave life to "Los Dioses", their first album made entirely together.

Anuel AA and Ozuna's untimely reconciliation in the presence of Yatra

"I feel that the songs on this album are bigger than anything we have done in our careers. It's an album that fans have been waiting for years," said Ozuna's great friend on the eve of the debut of his new musical work.

Alejandro Peña

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