This is the original way that 'Youtuber' JoJo Siwa has to confirm her sexuality

Jojo Siwa is a world-famous Youtuber, singer, dancer, and actress. Only on YouTube, it accumulates more than 12 million followers. Now, he has surprised all his fans coming out of the closet, and in a very original way.

Many of his fans began to generate theories about his sexuality and finally, they have confirmed that they were correct. After Jojo published a TikTok where he proudly sang Born This Way (queer anthem) by Lady Gaga and later published a gift from his cousin with a very specific message, fans were excited and were waiting for Jojo to publish and confirm who was part of the LGBT community.

The young woman shared a tweet with the text "my cousin has given me a new shirt." The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the young woman wearing a T-shirt. On it, the text: "Best Gay Cousin Ever." The message shared by the young Siwa accumulates more than a million reactions: more than 80,000 retweets, close to 900,000 'likes' and almost 47,000 quoted tweets.

Her fans have shared an overwhelming amount of messages of support with her. Jojo Siwa has posted the tweet she came out of the closet with on her profile.

Through her Instagram account, Jojo Siwa published a video where she has shown that she is really happy and liberated from having made her preferences public and not having to hide them anymore. I appreciate all the love and support he received after breaking the news.

Who is Jojo Siwa?
Joelle Joanie "JoJo" Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality. She is known for appearing for two seasons on Dance Moms along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, and for her singles "Boomerang" and "Kid in a Candy Store".

Despite the passage of time, Jojo maintains his colorful and childlike style and has adapted it to the brand and empire he is creating.

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