This is the strange advice that Lady Di was given in order to have sex with Carlos (and which involves Camilla)

This is the strange advice that Lady Di was given in order to have sex with Carlos (and which involves Camilla)

Faced with the problems that Diana of Wales expressed to her closest friends about her sex life, the princess received some very curious advice related to the one who is considered her enemy.

That the marriage of Lady Di and Prince Charles was not a fairy tale is no secret. And no matter how long it goes on, it will continue to be talked about. The latest revelations about the couple are quite surprising, because they also allude to a very intimate subject: the sex life of the Princes of Wales.

It was already known that the couple's amorous activity was rather scarce, practically non-existent, in the last years of marriage, thanks to the confessions that the princess herself made to those closest to her. But now we know the advice given to Lady Di by some of her friends so that she could seduce her still husband.

The revelations come thanks to Robert Lacey, the author of the book 'Battle of the Brothers', historian and adviser of the series 'The Crown'. Hence, most of the British media take them as true, since he is considered a fairly reliable source with many contacts within Buckingham. According to the writer, Diana even joked with his friends about his poor sex life, adding that she had thought of getting him drunk to see if she could get him into bed. A trick they didn't approve of, since alcohol can have the completely opposite effect on the male anatomy. So they gave him another piece of advice: put on a blond wig and turn off the light, so she would look like Camilla in the dark.

The curious proposal not only didn't offend Diana of Wales, but according to historian Robert Lacey, it even provoked a resounding laugh. A gesture that indicated that, after a few years, she had resigned herself to the fact that the woman in Prince Charles' life was not her, but Camilla Parker-Bowles.

This was also evident in the interview she gave to the program 'Panorama', with that phrase that has gone down in history: "We were a marriage of three". However, before making it so public, she had already expressed her marital problems to some trusted people, to whom she confessed that she had not been close to her husband for many years, almost since Prince Harry was born.

And the few occasions when the couple came together did not leave much of a mark on Diana either, at least not in a positive way. This can be deduced from the confessions she made to Peter Settelen, her voice coach between 1992 and 1993. She even told him that they had had sex at one time, without hiding her disappointment when she remembered how they had tried to get Carlos into bed: "There was sex, yes. There was. But it was something strange, very strange".

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