This vitamin is one of Shakira's great secrets to staying young!

The singer and businesswoman revealed what steps are indispensable in her beauty routine to stay young. A vitamin is one of Shakira's best allies!

If we saw Shakira without knowing her age, we could easily believe that she is 10 years younger, because of her radiant and soft skin (in addition to her striking body and hair). The truth is that the singer is 43 years old and boasts a complexion of envy behind which there are several golden secrets that we ALL want to know.

For this reason, during an interview she was asked about the secret ingredients in her routine to stay young, and her answer, without thinking, was the use of vitamin C. OMG! Find out everything she said and how you can start using this element in your skin for prolonged youth.

Vitamin C or Shakira's favorite ingredient for her skin

When talking to Shakira about her skin mysteries, the singer revealed that she has been surfing during the confinement and that her best ally during this time has been vitamin C.

"Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and I've used it now that I'm surfing," Shakira tells Glamour.

In addition, she confessed that another of her basic products is sunscreen, which makes this combo of ingredients an ideal "pump" to protect skin from aging. To go by parts, let's talk about each of them and their benefits on the face.

Protecting your skin with the right products and ingredients for your activities (plus a healthy lifestyle) is the secret to beautiful skin at any age.

Benefits of Vitamin C

This ingredient, known in its purest form as ascorbic acid, is powerful in decreasing the damage of photo-aging, unifying facial tone, reducing the depth of wrinkles, preventing loss of elasticity and hydration, refining skin texture and boosting the production of lipids lost by internal or external factors. It's a wonder!

Today, there are already several ways to integrate vitamin C into your beauty routine, be it in serums, creams, soaps and even tonics. Ideally, start with low concentrations and always seal with sunscreen to enhance activity and protect your skin from blemishes.

Vitamin C is also found in food, so we recommend you take it and apply it to get the most out of it.

Benefits of sunscreen

The sunscreen is a defense barrier that absorbs UVA and UVB rays and transforms them into heat, and then releases them so that they do not damage the skin layers. Its daily use every two hours is essential so that the radiation does not damage the skin's collagen and does not accelerate aging.

Now that we know the two key products in Shakira's beauty routine, we understand why skin looks so beautiful! Follow in her footsteps and visit your dermatologist for a skin ritual as effective as the hit singer's.

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