This was Fergie's reaction to Black Eyed Peas' musical collaboration with Shakira

This is not the first time that both singers show their support, as in 2010 they shared the stage.

After Shakira launched her new song alongside the Black Eyed Peas, thousands of celebrities rushed to congratulate her, including singer Fergie, a former member of the American band. On social media, the celebrity shared a clip of the video and asked her followers to go see it, thus showing her support for the Colombian.

The first time the group announced their collaboration with Shakira was during the Billboard Latin Music Awards, shortly after they announced that singer Fergie would no longer be part of the band, as she preferred to focus on raising her six-year-old son, so they would continue creating music without her.

The band members have made it clear that they continue to maintain a friendly relationship with Fergie and that they stay in touch even though the singer is no longer part of the band. Will.I.Am and Apl.De.Ap said in an interview that they consider her a sister and support her 100% even if she wants to return one day.

"We love her, but she wants to focus on being a mom and that's a tough job, so we support her and are here for her if she wants to come back. That's the way Fergie wanted it and we respect that, we don't want anything but the best for her."

As a sign of this bond, Fergie continues to celebrate the band's achievements, including their recent duet 'A girl like me' with Shakira, with whom she also shared the stage in 2010 during the World Cup concert in South Africa, when both the Black Eyed Peas and Shakira released a special song for the event.

On social media, Fergie shared a clip of the video and asked her followers to go see it

At that time, comparisons arose between the two performers, as many claimed that their styles and beauty were similar and there was debate over who would steal the spotlight on stage. These statements were quickly silenced by Shakira, who in an interview said

"Sometimes I don't understand why there is a need to compare yourself to others. Everyone tries to be unique in their own way and that sometimes is not constructive criticism. I don't think I look like Fergie on stage at all and neither does our music, so comparisons are out of place."

"I don't think I look like Fergie on stage at all and neither does our music" (Shakira)

At that moment both of them put an end to the negative comments by posing together and demonstrating a great camaraderie and mutual admiration that taught a lesson to girls all over the world. Today this has not changed, as Fergie was very happy with the new success of her partners and Shakira, proving once again that women do not have to compete but to support each other.

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