Tini Stoessel confessed that she was in love with Justin Bieber: "I loved him with all my heart"

Argentinean singer Tini Stoessel confessed to Francisca Aronsson that her platonic love when she was 12 years old was Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

She said so in a funny interview that the Peruvian actress did for her social media where she also asked her about her latest song, recorded with the successful Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, 'Un beso en Madrid'.

"I remember that when I was little my platonic love was Justin Bieber, I was very small, I was about 12 years old, I loved him with all my heart. Now I don't know if I have (a platonic love) like that in the way that he was. Now it's more admiration. I don't know if I could say any, I think Harry Styles is everybody's platonic love," Tini Stoessel said with a laugh.

She also spoke of what the lyrics of the song "Un beso en Madrid" meant to her, which she described as a genuine song.

"A kiss in Madrid, beyond the fact that the lyrics are a little sad, what I wanted to convey is the desire to fall in love again. It's one of those songs that touches your heart and connects you to a genuine, real feeling, that you behave like a baby falling in love for the first time. It's a genuine song," said the singer-songwriter.

Tini Stoessel pointed out that Alejandro Sanz was always a reference for her in music and when she was called to work with him in the musical reality 'La Voz' she was very excited and there her desire to record with him was born and she achieved it.

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