We have already found out which is the beauty treatment that Ester Expósito follows to have a beautiful skin!

With a perfect, luminous and radiant skin, this is how we always see Ester Expósito and here we share with you all the details of the treatment with which she achieves it

She is one of the most spectacular actresses on a red carpet and one of her most outstanding features is her radiant, perfect and luminous skin. But how does she get it? We have discovered which is that treatment to which Ester Expósito is faithful and we give you all the details.

Luminosity is the skin's ability to reflect the light that reaches it, which is generally achieved when the skin has a uniform texture with a soft touch. Ester Expósito is the faithful reflection of the current trend of luminous skin. And it achieves this with the Galderma Hyaluronic Acid Skinboosters treatment.

What is Skinboosters?

Skinboosters is a Galderma Hyaluronic Acid injectable that promotes an improvement in the quality of the skin, increasing its elasticity and hydration conditions.

The technique is performed through superficial microinjections at facial level (can also be performed on neck, décolletage, lips and hands), reinforcing the finest skin areas (prone to fine wrinkles) and improving its texture and hydration.

It is a treatment that can be performed at any age, adapting pattern and dose. In young skins it is recommended to maintain a good hydration and increase the luminosity. Also, in a localized way, it helps to treat an incipient dark circles or to improve that fine wrinkle that starts to bother.

In more mature skins and photo-aging, it is recommended to help recover the quality of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and increasing its hydration, helping to counteract the effect of 'stiff skin', redensifying and recovering moisture.

It is also recommended for people with situations of stress and poor nutrition, factors that influence the quality of your skin.

The protocol

Before starting the treatment, depending on the type of skin, a superficial peeling is performed to renew the layer of dead cells, which provides an extra layer of skin renewal.

After the peeling, the Skinboosters treatment is performed with superficial microinjections distributed on the face and/or neck and neckline, intensifying the treatment on areas of thinner and more deteriorated skin. Vitamins, minerals and active ingredients are then applied to nourish and improve the skin's elasticity.

The treatment ends with an occlusive mask with epidermal growth factors. Once the protocol has been concluded, the skin is moisturized.

What can be noticed with the treatment?

The skin is more hydrated after the treatment, but it is a week later when the effect of hydration, luminosity and improvement of the skin texture is more noticeable. In more mature and photo-aged skin, more sessions are usually needed to recover the skin and more frequent maintenance is required.

The results start to be noticed after 24-48 hours (and last between 4-6 months). The frequency of sessions will depend on the type of skin and its specific conditions. On average, one session is recommended every 4-6 months.

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