We knew it! Danna Paola breaks the silence and finally talks about her relationship with Sebastian Yatra: "It makes me happy"

Danna Paola has exposed to everyone how I go through and overcome a toxic relationship and the fundamental role of the Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra to be able to overcome the break. Here we tell you everything.

This Friday Danna Paola will show off on all her social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) the success she has achieved with her most recent material called Knock Out, shining on one of the huge screens that illuminate Times Square, in New York.

The singer finally spoke about the true relationship she has with the Colombian singer, Sebastian Yatra, and it is that after a toxic break that left her without hope in love, Yatra was the only person who accompanied her during this difficult process.

"It was a very hard emotional process and a separation hurts. In the end, this whole album is filled with various relationships, not just one specific one, but the last one was the one that made me knock out of saying: it's over, no more, I will not return my heart to anyone who is not going to take care of it, "he shared for digital media.

However, the singer has helped her to overcome this difficult situation, it should be noted that together they recorded the song "Do not dance alone" in which Danna Paola has taken advantage of her musical success to express her feelings and get up again.

In this album, Yatra was a great and important support for Danna Paola "I admire Sebastian a lot, he is a great, funny artist, apart from a great human being. He is talented and he taught me a lot. It makes me happy that he is part of this album and this very important process. We talk a lot about things and love, he understands a lot all my crazy stuff about the album" she highlighted.

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