What's really wrong with Anuel AA?

Since a few days ago Anuel AA is in the middle of the rumors after having announced his alleged retirement with a new song: 'Me contagié'.

According to the lyrics of the song, which uses the base of the single "Thank You" by Dido that Eminem already used in "Stan", the Puerto Rican artist will leave the record industry after this last Latin Grammy Awards, which took place last Thursday.

The reasons are not entirely clear. Anuel alludes to a complicated moment in his life, in which not even the success he currently enjoys would compensate for everything he has been forced to give up to succeed, but mainly suggests that he wants to spend more quality time with his seven-year-old son, who often reproaches him for caring more about his fans than about him.

"My son doesn't want me to sing, he wants me to be with him, that's why I'm thinking of retiring, he's the one who suffers the most," he says in one of the verses to confess that it hurts him not to be able to play with the little one when he asks for it because, as the artist himself acknowledges, "the songs are not going to write themselves. "It hurts me that another man is raising him for me", he adds.

The singer acknowledges having dealt with problems of depression and insomnia in recent times, and says he felt happier when serving time for illegal possession of firearms. He also refers - without mentioning any names - to his relationship with star Karol G, who he reportedly broke up with weeks ago.

Although five days ago he shared a photo on Instagram in which he posed with the singer and her son, along with an old tweet in which he stated "without my family I would be an unhappy man", the last verse of "Me contagié" has made his fans suspect that his love story has come to an end, with third parties in between.

Anuel with his son and Karol G

"Before we were two, and now we are three," says Anuel. "With your picture on the wall, from loneliness I fell in love, I got infected."

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