Who is better? Fans Compare Karol G to Freddie Mercury and social media 'explode'

Is there a comparison? Why did everything start? Who is better: Karol G or Freddie Mercury? We tell you how this viral controversy started in this article.

If you are a fan of Freddie Mercury, singer of ‘Queen’, or Karol G, reggaeton singer, this interests you, because an intense debate began on social networks about who is better. Where is the comparison? You may wonder.

And the fact is that both are from two different eras and different musical genres. Mercury has positioned himself - although he died in 1991 - as one of the best singers in history; while Karol G has positioned herself –in recent years– as one of the most successful reggaeton celebrities with the song Tusa and Bichota.

Is there a comparison? Why did everything start? It turns out that in social networks a position began to circulate that claimed that Karol G was a much better singer than Freddie Mercury.

For this reason, the fans of the Queen vocalist - who are not few - threw themselves against those who placed Karol G as the best.

"Karol G is better than Freddie Mercury a thousand times"; "Karol G is better than Mercury"; “Karol G has more hits than Queen and Mercury; Karol G could have written don't stop me now but Freddie Mercury would never have been able to write my bed ”, reads among some comments that defend Karol G.

However, Mercury fans came to his defense:

"You have to be wrong to compare the king of Freddie Mercury with Karol G"; "There is no point of comparison"; "What about the person who said Karol G is better than Freddie Mercury? Everything is good at home? If we go to school? ”; "I can not believe that they compare Freddie Mercury with Karol G what", is read among the reactions that defend the singer of Queen.

Even the lawsuit over these artists transcended to such an extent that Pizza Dominos from Spain jumped on the train and defended Mercury on Twitter: "Are the people who say that Karol G is better than Freddie Mercury the same people who separate the mushroom from Carbonara? I ask".

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