Why did Ana de Armas's photo end up in the trash after her breakup with Ben Affleck? Here we tell you everything!

The actor had had a billboard made of his then-girlfriend, which ended up in the trash.

The breakup of Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck occupied the main newspapers for a few days, being one of the couples of the moment in Hollywood. The celebrities who overflowed with love for each other and conquered everyone with their eternal walks decided to go their separate ways and the actor did not hesitate to throw away all the memories with her, something that his brother, Casey Affleck, wanted to clarify.

This same week the photo of a man getting rid of a life-size photograph of Ana de Armas in Ben Affleck's house caught the attention of fans and social networks.On Twitter, for example, some thought that it was the younger brother of the protagonist of "Batman", for which Casey was consulted by a recognized American media.

"No, that's not me and I can't even tell if they broke up completely whatever," he told ET. “A lot of people sent me that picture and I was going to tweet something, like a joke, an answer, or something like that. And then I couldn't think of one and a joke did not seem appropriate, "added the artist in the same talk.

Casey, who is also a star in the film industry, offered an interview to the US media to promote her new movie “Our Friend” with Dakota Johnson and they did not hesitate to ask her opinion about Ana de Armas. “I think Ana is the sweetest, funniest, smartest, and most charming person. I don't think I will have a problem meeting someone new. It's a great game in all aspects, "he said.

Ben Affleck's younger brother went further and praised his former sister-in-law's career: “I saw her portrayal as Marilyn Monroe in this film called 'Blonde,' which is yet to come out and I bet she is going to win all the awards. It is going to have a good year ”.

While acknowledging that the past year was "difficult for many people in terms of relationships," Casey Affleck only augurs an encouraging outlook for her.

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