Why did she do it? These are the strange and unusual nails of Rosalía

The Spanish singer surpasses any crazy manicure idea with her proposal, which also includes lights, curves and flowers. Read on to see them.

We know that one of Rosalía's obsessions are nails, infinite and with unique designs. But what the Spanish singer proposes these days exceeds fiction.

And it is that on her social media she shared with her millions of followers a really never seen before manicure bet. In fact, the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" is perfect when talking about the interpreter's nails.

For one of her many jobs as an artist, Rosalía had a high-level production team in charge of doing her hair, make-up, clothes and of course, her beloved nails.

In fact, in her hands is the center of attention of her rather casual, but expensive look, composed of light jeans, a Dior sweater and a puffer parka to withstand the cold that is being experienced in Spain.

Rosalía's weird nails

But that's not all, Rosalía's makeup is in line with her outfit, classic, urban, composed of basics. However, her nails steal all the attention and clearly the singer wanted it that way, as she proudly shows them off on Instagram.

Have you ever seen a design like this before? Blue, fluorescent, that glow in the dark and that from the root emulate abstract shapes. Rosalía's manicure can only be worn by herself and we already want her to tell us how she makes it through the day with such a great "work of art".

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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