Why would Maluma be upset with Selena Gomez?

Maluma launches a message on Twitter with a hint at Selena Gomez? Well, here we tell you everything, keep reading!

On January 14, Selena Gómez released her latest single 'De Una Vez'. The video of the artist of Mexican descent already has more than 30 million views on YouTube and the song is completely in Spanish. Several rumors on social networks assured, at the time, that it would initially be done in collaboration with Maluma, and a tweet from a Colombian singer that same day, was finally what generated controversy.

The message could read: "If you don't want to work with someone, let them know, there are so many people still hoping that in the end, it will be worth 0. Sincerity above all." Although it has many interpretations, the message could be directed to other singers of the same genre with whom Maluma does not have a good relationship. But, because of how things had happened, the Colombian was likely sending the hints to Selena, since in the end, such collaboration did not take place.

Several people responded, assuming that the urban music singer was referring to Selena. "If you're saying it for Selena, she clearly said in an interview that she won't collaborate with you, so she did make it known."

A virtual war began between the followers of both artists in which different opinions were seen. Some defended Selena and defended her decision not to want to collaborate with the Colombian. Other people praised the young man's talent and his ability to sing not only Latin genres but all kinds of songs.

Finally, some people defended both of them and assured them that they were sorry that this collaboration did not come to fruition.

Although neither of the two artists has spoken about it, the controversy among their fans is very clear: Maluma sent hints to Selena through social networks. Meanwhile, the song of the former Disney girl has been a trend in half the world. In fact, in less than a week it has achieved 22 billion views on the YouTube platform. This has excited the young woman who has not given more importance to all the controversy with Maluma.

Constanza De Sousa

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