Will 'The Crown' change after the courtship of the creator of the series with a great friend of Princess Diana?

After breaking up with Gillian Anderson, Peter Morgan is now dating Jemima Khan, a confidant of the late Princess of Wales, will this affect anything?  

During the last season of the Netflix series, there have been many who have raised their voices against the unflattering portrait that has been made of the British royal family. Specifically, Diana of Wales is described as unstable and in a constant search for attention. Sources close to Prince William have assured, for example, that he is very upset by how "the image of his parents is being exploited and presented falsely and simplistically to make money" in 'The Crown'.

But could this vision change in the next season of the series, at least as far as Lady Di is concerned, with her creator's new love interest? According to the English press, Peter Morgan is in a "serious relationship" with Jemima Khan, who was a close friend of the late princess.

This news comes a few weeks after Morgan's break with actress Gillian Anderson, who has played Margaret Thatcher in the last season of 'The Crown' and with whom he had been dating for four years, transcended.

The friendship between Diana and Jemima lasted for many years, as their families were very close, and shortly before his death, when the former wife of Prince Charles considered the possibility of remarrying the British-Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, She came to her for advice as she was then living in this South Asian country with her husband, Imran Khan, a cricket legend who went on to become Prime Minister of Pakistan.

When Jemima lived in Lahore, the country's capital, Diana participated with her in a fundraising campaign for a children's cancer hospital. During her two-year relationship with the doctor, a distant cousin of Imran Khan, the princess would visit Pakistan twice more and was often photographed alongside Jemima wearing traditional clothing.

Diana often sought Jemima's advice on the relationship that royal biographers have called "the love of her life," particularly regarding the cultural differences between the two women and their partners.

Will the screenwriter trust his new partner's vision of Princess Diana for the penultimate season of the hit Netflix show? Which ironically will focus on the early nineties, when the two were closer than ever. Well, we'll find out soon.

Constanza De Sousa

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