Will there be a New 'Jack Sparrow' in Pirates of the Caribbean? Could it be a Woman? Could it be Margot Robbie? Find out here!

For a long time, Pirates of the Caribbean fans were waiting for the details of the sixth installment of the franchise to be confirmed, which had already been revealed would be a reboot. Finally, Margot Robbie breaks the silence and talks about her participation, will we have a new Jack Sparrow?

The first report on the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie revealed that it will be a "soft reboot", that is, a new version with elements of the original plot that will be set in the same temporal continuity. Also, the sixth installment of the franchise will have more female characters in leading roles, so it is quite likely that Margot Robbie will assume a role similar to Johnny Depp in the story.

In a recent interview with Yahoo !, Margot Robbie confirmed that she will be in the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot and revealed that she will have "a lot of girl power." He did not want to elaborate on his character or the plot of this new film that continues in very early stages of development, but he did express his enthusiasm to work with writer Christina Hodson again.

As we mentioned previously, Robbie has not wanted to reveal what his role will be in the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, although many fans assume that he could play a female version of Jack Sparrow. The actress has shown her capacity for these types of roles since she took on the role of Harley Quinn, however, some members of the fandom remain disappointed that Depp is not part of this new installment of one of the most successful family franchises of Disney.

There is currently a Change.org petition that seeks to push Johnny Depp's return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The fans were devastated with the resolution of the British justice, and although it seemed that the worst thing was that The Sun had won the right to call him "wife-beater", no one expected that the actor himself would confirm his departure from Fantastic Animals 3. Warner Bros. has not wanted to issue statements on the subject, but based on the actor's statement, his dismissal was related to his defamation trial that benefited his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp fans are aware that Depp's role in the reboot may not have an impact, so they are demanding that Disney bring him back to Pirates of the Caribbean or threatening not to see the new movie: Disney is rebooting Dead Men Tell No Tales for their box office but they do not know that without Johnny Depp or Jack Sparrow they will sink, they will never be able to reach that horizon they are looking for. Even if it means nothing to you, but please sign this petition for those who love Johnny Depp as the Captain of the Black Pearl! They have to bring him back to rule the seas again or we'll never see any Pirates of the Caribbean movie without our Captain again.

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