With or without Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas keeps unstoppable in Hollywood

The Spanish-Cuban actress has four productions pending release, and the shooting of the most expensive film in the history of Netflix, 'The Gray Man', alongside Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

There's no stopping Ana de Armas. After her breakup with Ben Affleck, with whom she still talks two or three times a day, as revealed by a close source to Page Six, the Cuban-born Spanish interpreter prefers not to speak in public about her past love and remain fully focused on her career.

At 32, she has become the actress of the moment. She is doing one project after another and her rise in Hollywood is vertiginous. Ana de Armas thinks that the secret of her success is not only a matter of talent, as she revealed in one of her last interviews to The SundayTimes Style before her breakup with Ben Affleck.

"I guess I've been at the right time with the right people. Sometimes it's just a matter of meeting the right people at the right time. Plus, I have a family that has always been supportive. If you don't have people to help you and support you, it's very difficult to move forward in this industry," commented the young actress.

Ana rose to fame in Spain as one of the stars of the series 'El internado' and in just five years has known what it is to be nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in 'Knives Out (2019)', work with Ryan Gosling in 'Blade Runner 2049' or be the Bond girl in the latest adventure of Daniel Craig as James Bond, 'No Time to Die', whose premiere has been again postponed for autumn 2021.

2020 was going to be her big year, had it not been for the pandemic. He has as many as four film projects pending release. 'The Night Clerk' with Tye Sheridan and Helen Hunt, whose premiere is scheduled for January 31, 2021, 'No time to die', whose premiere has been postponed again, the film 'Deep Water', where she met and fell in love with Ben Affleck a year ago, and 'Blonde', the film for Netflix where she gives life to Marilyn Monroe and that for her was a real torture. as it took nine months to perfect the accent of the Hollywood diva.

With these postponed premieres and the countless restrictions due to the pandemic, Ana de Armas' schedule is still full of professional commitments. The actress will shoot 'The Gray Man', a film in which she will again coincide with two actors of the moment with whom she has worked before. With Chris Evans she shot 'Knives Out', and with Ryan Gosling 'Blade Runner 2049'. Her new film is an action thriller from the Russo brothers, directors of 'Avengers: Endgame', which will be released in 2021 and is said to be the most expensive film in the history of Netflix, with a budget of 200 million dollars.

It is an adaptation of Mark Greany's 2009 novel, the story about a lone assassin and former CIA agent named Court Gentry. He will be played by Ryan Gosling while Lloyd Hansen, played by Chris Evans, will be an enemy who will try to hunt him all over Europe. Ana de Armas' character is not yet known, but her choice for the film confirms that she is one of the top actresses in the Hollywood firmament.

Alejandro Peña

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