Without luxuries and abandoned, this is how Luis Miguel's historic mansion is today

Without luxuries and abandoned, this is how Luis Miguel's historic mansion is today

Luis Miguel's famous house in Acapulco, which could be seen in the Netflix series, today is abandoned and no longer has the luxuries it once had.

Luis Miguel was able to enjoy a luxurious mansion in Acapulco, a place that many call "the most beautiful bay in Mexico". The house had its appearance in the successful Netflix series dedicated to the artist, but today it looks very different, without luxuries and completely abandoned.

'El Sol de Mexico' chose that place as a refuge to escape from the press that was harassing him and leave behind the stress after a long tour. The place became a symbol of the nineties, when the singer had his great musical breakthrough.

The residence is located on Buenfil Beach, was run by Luis Miguel himself and has a total area of 36 thousand square meters.

Now that area of Acapulco is known as the "Diamond Zone" and there is no longer the privacy that the artist sought more than two decades ago. On the contrary, the place became a very busy space, where thousands of visitors arrive from all over the world.

In 2013 rumors circulated that Luismi had sold the house to a Mexican real estate company for more than 5 million dollars. A value more than justified by the size, the spectacular view of the beach and the large outdoor pool.

After many years now the current state of the mansion could be seen, thanks to a tiktoker who got into it. The user 'hugo gzbn' shared three videos on social media where he can be seen with his friends taking a tour of the place. Beyond the bad state it is in, the residence still preserves its imposing essence.

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