Yalitza Aparicio begins recording a new series with Ester Expósito and Shirley Manson

Yalitza Aparicio begins recording a new series with Ester Expósito and Shirley Manson

The iconic star of the film "Roma" is in Guatemala filming the documentary 'Peace Peace Now Now', a project that denounces gender violence in Latin America, with the participation of renowned actresses such as Daniela Vega and Ester Expósito, and also the singer of the musical group "Garbage", Shirley Manson.

On her Instagram, the Oaxacan artist shared the first images of her participation in the production, which is directed by Daniela Vega herself and will be broadcast on Netflix.

In the photos, Yalitza Aparicio is seen aboard a motorboat, in some remote corner of Guatemala, during the filming of the third episode.

"I am excited to know that these stories will be told from the perspective of four women, each of whom has struggled in our fields in some way, and we have sought to bring vital attention to their cases," the Mexican actress said in an interview with EFE.

'Peace Peace Now Now' will be recorded in a mini-series format and will feature four episodes, each of which will star the aforementioned celebrities. The goal is to give a voice to communities in different parts of the continent in order to collect testimonies from women who suffered male violence.

The episode starring Ester Expósito was filmed in Barcelona, Spain, in recent days, under the direction of the renowned Goya award-winning filmmaker, Isabel Coixet. The first episode was also shot with Shirley Manson in Santiago, Chile.

Synopsis of 'Peace Peace Now Now'

Daniela Vega is focused on showing that the problem of machismo is an international issue and as proof of this she will concentrate on giving voice to a camp of women displaced by violence and armed conflict in Colombia and which is known as "La Ciudad de las Mujeres".

Meanwhile, Yalitza Aparicio will give voice to the violence and stories of sexual abuse suffered by women in the region of Sepur Zarco, in what is one of the most heartbreaking events in the history of that country that was severely decimated by a civil war that lasted 36 years. Sepur Zarco was surrounded by the military, who held and sexually abused dozens of indigenous women of Q'echi origin.

Esther Expósito will make an approach to the Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho, who had to move to Spain after receiving death threats after denouncing a group of pedophiles who had a lot of influence with very prominent politicians in Mexico.

Cacho published the book "The Demons of Eden" in which she linked businessman Jean Succar Kuri to a child trafficking and pedophile organization. According to the information gathered and published by Cacho, Succar Kuri offered minors in his businesses in Cancun as part of a sex tourism, in addition to videotaping the encounters and abusing five-year-old girls himself. He was a great friend of the then governor of Puebla, PRI leader Mario Marín, and a network of businessmen, using the links he had to get away with it.

Shirley Manson will be part of the Chile episode, where she will interview the resistance group 'Cueca Sola', women who suffered the disappearance of their partners and husbands at the hands of military personnel belonging to the regime of the dictator Augusto Pinochet.

In an act of rebellion and demand for justice, the women of Cueca Sola organized a demonstration against the regime. The method they used as a protest was a dance that managed to capture the attention of society and that today is seen as very traditional by the opponents of the Pinochet dictatorship.

For the moment, the date of release is unknown, although it is expected to be in the first months of 2021.

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